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Birkil was founded in 2021 in Ankara with 20 years of experience of production, solution and service concept that constantly keeps the quality at the highest level in the Technology, Defense and Energy sectors.

Birkil is a team that produces end to end innovative solutions and aims to provide permanent customer satisfaction-oriented service and expands its product range with its experienced team. Having completed all the certificates of the manufacturers, Birkil has been improving itself day by day. Keeping the satisfaction of its customers who have always been in the forefront with its works above all else, Birkil has always aimed to present their needs in the most reliable way with the most suitable conditions and the most up-to-date technology by following the latest technologies. Serving with the most expert employees in every solution it offers, Birkil has adopted the principle of maintaining the business partnership with the leading companies of the world information technologies in the most effective manner.

Although we know that the challenges and responsibilities of this job are far greater than those of other businesses, we do not hesitate to put this burden on us, on the contrary. We want to provide our customers with the most accurate consultancy and service in the fields of information, defense and energy as our main duty and we want to continue our journey by following the developing technologies closely. We will work with our last power to develop Birkil within a short time in Turkey and within the long term on the international platform.